Sunday, May 10, 2020

Pictures from Friday's ride

I spent all of April and the first week of May staying at home and carefully safeguarding my health and the health of my family. Aside from neighborhood dog walks, weekly grocery store runs and one trip to the vet's office, I didn't leave my house at all.

The barn was closed to non-owners for most of that time, so riding wasn't an option for me. I missed it - so much! - but since the entire state was under a Stay At Home order, I wouldn't have gone anyway. No one can accuse me of not #DoingMyPartColorado.

But even during a pandemic, life eventually goes on. The barn reopened on May 1, and the state began its transition from Stay at Home to Safer at Home. I started thinking about riding again.

At first thinking was all it was. Then I posted pictures of Seth's new squirrel cam on Facebook.
Mary Jo took one look at these and sent me a private message. 
"That's it," she told me. "You need to get out of the house."
So on Friday, I did.
I arrived early, and the barn was quiet. I walked around and said hi to all my favorite horses, but because I know the corona virus can live on animals, I carefully kept my hands in my pockets. That was fine until I crossed paths with Santana.
He was not going to allow a contact free visit, so this happened.
Since I was riding Stealth, I got to touch him, too.
The rest of my group arrived while I was grooming. We saddled up and headed out. It felt so good to be on a horse again. I couldn't stop smiling.
The weather was perfect and the trails were green. Apparently Spring has sprung. Who knew? 
We rode out on the Sports Park side, then crossed under the Sixth Avenue Extension bridge and rode back on the south side. We stayed up top most of the way, but dropped into the river bottom at the very end.
After our ride, Mary Jo, Karen and I headed over to our favorite post-ride watering hole.
We ordered drinks and food to go 
Then we had a safe, socially distanced picnic in the field next to the parking lot.
After so many weeks of safeguarding my physical health, it felt so good to spend a day tending to my emotional and mental health. I won't be doing this every day because the pandemic is real and Safer at Home isn't just a catch phrase. Still, I am optimistic that it won't be another six weeks until my next ride.