Thursday, May 28, 2020

Catching up

I haven't forgotten about the May Shelter & Share Photo Challenge. Other than "favorite rare or one of a kind model" - which is never going to happen - I am yet to miss at day, at least as far as the Braymere Facebook page is concerned. I'm a few days behind here, so today's post is a three-fer. 
The prompt for Tuesday, May twenty six was "Quarantine quandary : Have you learned a new skill?"
In fact, I have not learned a new skill this month.
 However, I have learned a lot about squirrels.
So much.
Because of this, it was an easy decision to make this one about squirrels. The Google search on the laptop screen reads, "Do squirrels make good pets?" The answer is an emphatic no. Enjoy your squirrels outside, people!
Yesterday's prompt was "Domestic animal." I have lots of these in my collection but I decided to use my Beatrice sheep.
Beatrice was sculpted by Anna Dobrowolska-Oczko and painted by me. Here's another picture of her. She's so sweet.
That brings us to today. The prompt was "Chillin' poolside - let's see those aquatic critters!" I may have a couple tiny sea horses somewhere, but aquatic critters aren't really my thing. I decided to ignore everything after the dash and just go with "Chillin' poolside."
And just like that, I'm all caught up again. Tomorrow I will try to remember to post my daily photo on the proper day, and I promise, that one will actually include a model horse!

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  1. I've heard that sheep make good pets, but I hope Beatrice doesn't step on her handler.