Saturday, February 23, 2019

Pictures from today's ride

Yesterday, I went over  to Heather's house to celebrate the Braymere blog's five millionth pageview and record the Mares In Black NaMoPaiMo episode.
When I left, there was six inches of new fallen snow on the road. Heather asked if I would be okay driving home. I told her I'd be fine, then sighed and added, "I am so sick of winter. I just want to go riding."
So guess what I did today?
I went riding!
And it was glorious!
I was accompanied by Mary Jo and Diana, 
and all three of us were giddy to be in the saddle...
and making tracks on all that fresh, new snow.
There wasn't any ice or mud so the footing was fine, and the bright sunshine made it feel a lot warmer than thirty four degrees.
The only real hazard came from melting snow on low-hanging branches.
Fortunately, it all stayed up there, at least while we rode under it!
This was a near perfect ride on a near perfect horse with the most perfect riding buddies I could ever hope for.
I thought I would spend today finishing my NaMoPaiMo pony, but this was better. Tomorrow, I'll get her done!

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