Monday, February 25, 2019

Winners circle

As of an hour ago, there were two hundred twenty one models in the NaMoPaiMo winners' circle.
If my time and energy were limitless, each and every one of those horses would get an individual mention on my blog. Since that's not the case, I've randomly selected twelve models to showcase in this year's first Winners Circle post. 

First up is Emma Pelin's Jasper. Emma writes: This month I learned the importance of patience, proper prepping and found a love for tiny brushes! I'm honestly super proud over him as he is the first bay roan I have succeeded with. Huge thank you to everyone who's supported and come with tips, tricks and feedback. Definitely taking part next year!
Molly Bates also made a list of: Things my first Namopaimo taught me:
  1. Some projects have a mind of their own 
  2. I equal parts love and hate my airbrush 
  3. Take your time prepping the first go around. Three preps and strips later, I can finally say I DID IT! 
In all honesty, if this wasn’t my Namo model and I didn’t commit to finishing him, I would’ve abandoned this project a long time ago. He gave me such a run around with prep work, and some of those problems/flaws are still visible - but I’m still so proud of this model because he forced me to problem solve since I promised I’d see him through to completion. Thanks for a great learning project, Namopaimo 2019 - I’ll see you next year!
This wasn't Lynn Weber's first NaMoPaiMo, but it was the first she's completed. She explains: I did it! Two years ago I entered and never even picked up my model. This year I finished one, am close to finishing another and have two more in the works. I bought so many supplies I’m going to have to finish another six models to justify buying it all!  But most importantly, I had fun and realized how much I missed my artistic side, and for that, I have to thank Jennifer for engineering this!
Marci Smith Driscoll is another person who's NaMoFailed in the past. Not this year! Just look at her awesome unicorn.
Truly, this has been the Year of the Unicorn. There have been so many, and all of them are amazing. I am particularly taken with Christine Jordan's blue Appaloosa...
Shannon Robinson's gorgeous and exotic Tempest...
and Mariah Harrison's Porphyrios.
Sara Roche used four colors of hand-painted acrylics to create this leopard Appaloosa Valegro. Amazing!
Also amazing - this stablemate was painted by four year old Reid Wasco.
Reid's mother, Krista, also painted a model. This is her rose gold decorator mini vaulting horse.
And here's another mother and son pair. These horses were painted by Holly Jane Mason and her son, Joseph.
Last but certainly not least, is Kim Prosek's beautiful little draft horse. Kim writes: I was intimidated with doing dapples but I’m thrilled how they turned out and the dimension they add. I just want to say thank you for the Feb 17 post on your blog. It really hit home and had me tearing up. It’s nice to hear that a person is not alone in their struggle and feelings of inadequacy. So thank you! They were the words I was needing to hear.
Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you again to everyone who's shared both their triumphs and struggles. Truly, we are all in this together!

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  1. I sent you pics of my girl. Thank goodness I got her done :D