Monday, February 11, 2019

Boring but necessary

Pearl is a sweet horse, but she can be a handful, especially when you're leading her.
Last week, she had one of her rodeo moments while Lee was bringing her in from turnout. She slipped on a patch of ice, fell on her side, slid down a hill and got all four legs stuck through a metal gate. It's a miracle she's alive and mostly okay.
The vet stitched her up and prescribed stall rest and hand walking. I haven't ridden this week, but I've walked a whole lot of laps around Kenlyn's indoor arena. 
It's boring but necessary.
On the home front, Pearl's 1:9 scale brother, Moosifer, has also entered a boring but necessary stage. 
He's mostly done. All that's left is finding and fixing the small mistakes...
and adding to his whites.
He has thirty layers of white in some areas, and he looks fine from a distance. It's tempting to call him good, but close inspection with the visor tells another story. So for the time being, I'll just keep on keeping on. I'll walk another lap around that ring and put more paint on that pony.


  1. Oh no that's terrifying! Glad everyone's relatively ok. Hope she keeps chill while walking for her recovery

    1. She was full of beans today. I think that's a good sign, but also, that chain is not there for decoration. Lol.