Sunday, February 17, 2019

The naughty corner

For the first two weeks of NaMoPaiMo, Bubbles was a perfectly well behaved little pony.
Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse a couple days ago. Bubbles is now banished to the naughty corner while I plot my next move.
This isn't unexpected. NaMoPaiMo is rarely a success only journey, and most people are going to struggle - a little or a lot - sometime during the month. With a lot of work and a little bit of luck, I fully expect to have her finished by February 28.


  1. My Andalusian... Oh boy... He says "Oh, new DullCote? Lemme just *FLOP*" He's been a pain in the butt, although he's making some progress.

  2. Oh lard. Naughty corner, perfect. I just now saw the NaMoPaiMo blanket. As a blanket collector, this gave me a real double-take.