Thursday, January 25, 2018

Who dat?

One of the best things to happen to me in recent memory was Heather Malone moving back to Colorado.
Her new house is just three point one miles from mine, and over the last eleven months, we've spent countless hours hanging out on her couch, talking model horses and playing with her cats. It's been awesome. 
About a week ago, Heather succeeded in tracking down a long-time holy grail. He's not cheap, so a portion of her collection has gone up for sale. Being a good friend, I felt compelled to wander over to her house to see if I could help with the fundraising.
The first pass through her resin and custom cabinet confirmed what I'd already expected. All of the models I was interested in were either not for sale or were priced significantly above my spending limit. No big deal. I sat back down and spent some time talking and playing with the cats.
Later, I made a second pass through the model room and noticed a cute face I hadn't seen before. 

"Who dat?" I asked.
It turned out that "Dat" was an AA Working Hunter Stallion sculpted by Donna Chaney.
He is an extremely limited edition. This one was number twelve of twenty. 
Hunter braided ponies are pretty much exactly my thing, and this one was in my price range. In the name of friendship, I felt compelled to take him home.
Thank you, Heather, for my new pony. Now hurry up and pay off that grail. I want to sit on your couch and admire him!

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