Monday, February 11, 2019

Up close and personal

I love the social aspect of painting parties, but they're also a great forum for exchanging ideas and knowledge. At Fabian's party, Renae Keller asked how I was able to create the fine ticking around the edge of Moosifer's spots.
I told her it's all about patience, a tiny brush... 
and a good magnifying visor!
I bought this visor last year, and I use it all the time. It's perfect for both finishwork and tack making. 
I'm wearing it here with the eyepiece flipped up. It's not a great look, but it really does help with fine details.
Renae gave it a try and ordered her own on the spot. Hurray for Amazon one click shopping!
Here's another trick for close-up detail work: Take off your glasses.
I am extremely nearsighted. I haven't ever been able to read the big E on the eye chart, but my up close vision is pretty amazing.  When I need to paint something really tiny, I take off my glasses, hold the model right under my nose and go to work.
 This also looks ridiculous, but most of the time we paint alone anyway, right?
If you've ever wondered how a nearly blind person is able to paint teeny tiny hairs, now you know. Back to painting!

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