Thursday, February 14, 2019

Alamo Pintado tour

Barb's beautiful flowers are a reminder that I still haven't written much about my wonderful trip to California. I blame NaMoPaiMo, and I promise I a full Super-CALI-Fragilistic report is coming. 
But not today.
Today I'm writing about one of the pre-Super-CALI events, specifically, the hobbyists' tour of the Alama Pintado Equine Clinic.
Kylee's husband, Greg is one of the veterinarians in residence at Alamo Pintado, and Kylee used to work there herself. She used these connections to set up a tour, which was led by her knowledgeable -and patient - friend, Christina Barnes.
Because of patient privacy rules, we weren't allowed to take photos of the horses at Alamo Pintado. 
Instead, Christina used Barb Ness as a horse substitute to show us how some of the things worked.
Of course, then we realized that a couple tubs of Erin's models were on the premises...
and Barb was replaced with Toshiko.
Yes, that's a super-rare Breyer getting an x-ray.
Praise be! She doesn't have an impaction!
This set the tone for the rest of the day.
We saw all kinds of high tech veterinary equipment...
and then we used it on Toshiko.
Enjoy that hyperbaric chamber, little pony! See you in half an hour!
Oddly, the cadaver room was one of the most popular parts of the tour.
Professional artists, Melanie Miller...
 and Amanda Brock couldn't wait to get their hands on dead horse parts.
Look! A hoof!
Look! A hoof on Toshiko! 
The tour ended in the Alamo Pintado lounge, which has an impressive enterolith display.
All these things came out of horses. 
For real.
This was such a fun and informative day. Thank you, Kylee, for making it happen. 
I know NaMoPaiMo has taken over my blog (and my life), but I promise, the rest of the Super-CALI posts are coming... Eventually!

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  1. I'm so glad Toshiko doesn't have an impaction (or an enterolith). Finding anything at all would've been a shock.