Monday, November 5, 2018

Pictures from yesterday's ride

Daylight savings time ended early yesterday morning. I enjoyed the extra hour of sleep and bounced out of bed feeling refreshed and ready to hit the trail. Fortunately, I'd already made plans to do exactly that!
My horse du jour was Diana's wonderful Stealth. He looks a bit like Santana from this angle, but unlike Santana, he actually likes Scarlett. Look, no pinned ears!
Diana rode her other horse, Guaranteed, and Laura rode Lucy. These two ride together every weekend, and their horses are always perfectly in sync.
It was a cold morning, and the grey skies,
bare trees... 
and light fog made it feel more like winter than fall. 
Still, it was a nice ride and a good way to start the season of darkness.
I often talk myself out of posting ride photos, especially for quiet rides like this one. "It wasn't memorable enough," I think. "Nothing exciting happened." 
But you know, some of the best rides are like that. Nothing exciting happens; it's just good horses, good trails and good friends. And, you know, I think that's pretty memorable, too.


  1. Those daily, unremarkable happenings are part of the rhythm of life and that familiarity can be very relaxing and sometimes even comforting. Please keep posting about those times!

  2. Nothing happening is good! Especially in these overwrought times. Love the photo of the in-sync greys - you have a gift in photography as well as many other endeavours! I look forward to you every day.