Sunday, November 25, 2018

Saddles and stuff

I don't really enjoy shopping, so I only visited two retail establishments this weekend. The first was Colorado Saddlery.
I didn't buy myself a new saddle, but it's possible that I enabled Mary Jo to do just that.
No regrets.
The second was Thompson's Hobbies. I did make several small purchases there, including this 1:9 scale table and rocking chair. I didn't actually need either of these things, but I have a I have a policy of buying affordably priced, properly scaled items whenever and wherever I can find them. At less than two dollars each, these certainly fit that bill.
Ideally, I would have stained them, but that doesn't usually work well on inexpensive, pre-made items like these. There's just too much extra glue around the joints. The stain doesn't absorb evenly, and it ends up looking sloppy. Instead, I decided to go for a distressed paint look.
I added a pink pillow... 
 and now this is the perfect spot for my dolls to hang out when it's too cold to ride.
I am really pleased with my weekend enablement and purchases. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and the new-to-her saddle will get more use than the too-cold-to-ride chair in the upcoming week!

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