Sunday, November 4, 2018

Bay Bristol bowl

I am two and a half months away from my fiftieth birthday.

I've been telling myself that it's not a big deal. Age is just a number, and deep down, I am still the same horse-loving, little girl I've always been.
But yeah, I'm old.

I'm not the only one. Two of my best hobby friends will also turn fifty next year, and when I attend a model horse show, I see more "old" faces than young.
Old and young faces from my 2018 shows
Which is fine. Really. 

Except for when we act like crabby old women.
On Friday morning, Breyer released a photo of a bay Bristol to their Instagram account. 
The hobby lost its mind.

"Ooh, what is that? I hope it's a regular run. I love it. I need it!"

Later that day, that same Bristol was featured in a video by a YouTuber named GoldieBlox
Like most of the hobby, I clicked on the link and watched it. I saw a cute girl in a well produced video doing her thing. She made a zoetrope, a ribbon pillow and a stablemate bowl. I really liked the stablemate bowl. The bay/bae Bristol was in clear view for much of the video, but no purchase information was given.

Once again, the hobby lost its mind, but this time it got ugly.

"Ew, who is that girl? I hate her voice. I hate her hair. That's eleven minutes of my life I will never get back. Why would Breyer do this to us? It's so unfair."

I was appalled.

I get that people are excited about the new model. They want the details and they want to know them now. The video didn't do anything to further that cause, but still... Do we have to be so hateful?

This girl was doing her own thing on her own platform. She has more than half a million subscribers, and it's clear that she knows her audience. Breyer is undoubtedly trying to tap into that audience, and you know, I hope it works. This hobby could use an influx of young blood. We should support our youngsters, even if they'd rather melt their stablemates into a bowl than plop them down on a show table.
There's no denying that we're all getting old, but we don't need to be a hobby of crabby old woman.

P.S. For my fiftieth birthday, I want a bay Bristol bowl.
Bay Bristol bowl created by Heather Malone


  1. Her video is super cute and made me laugh several times. :D It's sad to me how some people have to be so cruel. Attacking her voice/hair/etc - seriously?? This is coming from adults? :(

    I totally want to make a ribbon pillow now. And a SM bowl! :D

    1. I feel like one of us needs to make a 1:9 scale ribbon pillow...


    2. I'm going to give it a shot! As soon as she mentioned the Snowman sized ribbon I knew it needed to happen. I don't have enough full sized ribbons anyway. :D

  2. Beautiful bay Bristol bowl! Good choice for reaching half a century. And it will only cost you $2,000! (40 Bristols x $50)

    1. DooWiki! You actually had the chance to use the @ character for its original purpose! It originally meant "items to buy at a certain price for each one"; e.g. apples at 25 cents each = apples @ 25 cts. Hence, 40 Bristols @ $50. (P.S.,I am a teacher - could you tell? lol)

  3. There are a lot of ideas on Pinterest for using horse show ribbons. I have a board for them if you are interested. Go here:

  4. You are not nearly as old as you will be someday, God willing. :) It's up to us Hobby Veterans who have seen the dark side of the model horse hobby to share not only information, but light and kindness. I go to estate sales to find affordable model horses these days, and every one reminds me that I'm just a custodian of these little pieces of equine joy. It does no good for anyone to get nasty about them.

  5. It's sad that people made fun of this girl and there was nothing wrong with the video. I'm sure most people were just envious Breyer didn't send them the bay Bristol to do a video on, I know I was! This video made me curious if Breyer and Goldieblox will be doing more collaborations in the future, perhaps some Breyer hack DIY engineering kits? Breyer barn construction kit? Goldieblox makes some cool engineering kits for girls, maybe we will have some Breyer themed kits soon!

  6. Yup I thought people reactions were RIDICULOUS!!! I'm just so tired of the behavior in the hobby these days. It's all me me me give it to me NOW.