Thursday, January 11, 2018

PBR night at the Stock Show

Some hobby friends and I were talking about this year's Stock Show.

"I don't care what we see," I told them, "As long as it's not the rodeo. I've been to the rodeo three years in a row, and I am all rodeo'ed out."

So guess what I event I went to Monday night?
Yeah, rodeo.
And not just any rodeo. It was PBR (Professional Bull Riders) night at the National Western Stock Show.
PBR isn't really my thing, but I went we three of my best barn buddies, and we had a great time.

Our seat were down by the roping chutes, which is a long way from the main action. I didn't mind because we had a great view of the outriders and their horses.
Every now and then a loose bull would end up on our side of the ring.
Then the outriders would jump into action.
"Get along, little dogie."
Make that really big dogie!
I really enjoyed watching the teamwork between the outriders and their horses. They do a great job.
I also enjoyed the halftime show with the Clydesdales.
All in all, this was a pretty good way to spend an evening.
But seriously, next time I go to the Stock Show, I want to see something other than the rodeo!

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