Tuesday, January 2, 2018

First horse of 2018

Yesterday at noon, Ryan's NaMoPaiMo registration page went live. Within twenty four hours, we had more than one hundred people sign up to paint. I planned to write about that today. Then the mailman brought me a new horse and all thoughts of NaMoPaiMo went right out of my head.
I received this beautiful Deb McDermott Musetta resin as payment for judging the inaugural Models in the Mountains live show.
I sent her to Sommer Prosser with a set of photos of my favorite Kenlyn broodmare, Khemecho
"Paint her like this," I said, "but with more dapples."
Nailed it! 
Of course, I couldn't resist tacking her up. 
I bought this Cary Nelson Arabian costume from Tiffany at BreyerFest. It's made a couple appearances on this blog, but it's never had its own post. 
That is a real oversight. 
This costume, like all of Cary's, is absolutely amazing. 
The doll is also by Cary. 
 This picture makes me squee.
I'll write about NaMoPaiMo tomorrow. Today I'm busy playing with my new toys.


  1. Ponies are always a good excuse!

  2. I just registered! Really excited to try a chestnut!:) Horsegirl275

  3. Wow, the Arab is stunning. And the costume... Cary Nelson is a huge inspiration. Hopefully some day I´ll be half as good as she is. Congrats to these pretty things!

    1. You are well on your way. I'd love to own one of your costumes, too. <3


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