Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A midwinter night's performance

I had mixed feelings when Tiffany and Erin signed up to show at A Midwinter's Night Ball. On the one hand, they are two of my favorite people in the entire world. We talk online nearly every day, but actual in person time is a rarity. The idea of spending a weekend with them was extremely appealing. 

On the other hand, they're both performance showers, and I was judging performance.

"I'm a little worried about this," I told Seth the night before I left for Texas. "Tiffany and Erin are really good. It's possible they will win all the things."

"Place 'em last in every class," he said unhelpfully.

If only it was that easy...
I tried really hard not to place their entries. 
Eventually, the parade of clean, correct, well documented and interesting set-ups wore me down. 
Tiffany's horse won the Overall Resin/Custom Performance Championship on Saturday...
and Erin's claimed the Overall OF Performance Championship on Sunday.
It wasn't as easy as those pictures indicate, however. The Texans really made them work for their prizes.
In particular, Laura Skillern did extremely well in every single class she entered.
She just might have won it all, had she entered more classes!
Vicky Norris' versatile and consistent Kachera, very nearly did win it all on OF day.
The head down Paloose is such a nice performance model, and this one was very well shown.
The sister duo of Alaina Richardson and Annie Florian were also in the mix with their wonderful Bookshelf Barns props...
 and some of the best dolls I have ever seen.
And let's not forget Christie Partee,
Candy Evans, 
Hannah Bear,
Alicia Vogel,
photo by Alicia Vogel
Val Tudor,
photo by Carrie Richmond
LoGeana Anderson,
and everyone else who put a performance entry on the table. 
This was an extremely big and competitive show. There were no easy classes, and every single ribbon was hard earned. Thank you, Texas for making my judging job both wonderful and terrible, and congratulations to Erin and Tiffany for your well deserved wins!