Saturday, January 6, 2018

So... NaMoPaiMo!

Registration for NaMoPaiMo 2108 began January 1 and will remain open through midnight January 31.
We are using an online registration system that was created by my son, Ryan. It is a PHP page connected to a MySql database, running on an Amazon AWS EC2 server. I don't know what any of that means, but I am very happy not to be entering all this information manually!
As of this morning, we have two hundred and two people from eighteen countries signed up to paint a horse in February. That's a lot, but when it comes to painting parties, more is always merrier. Everyone is welcome, regardless of age or skill level. If you haven't already, please consider joining us.
But before you do, be sure to visit the official NaMoPaiMo page. This is the single best source for NaMoPaiMo rules and information.
There is an optional two dollar entry fee this year. This helps pay for event expenses such as the production of the Van Gogh medallion, computer software and prize postage. Payment (and donations) can be made via PayPal to
Some of this year's amazing prizes
Thank you to everyone who has signed up for NaMoPaiMo. Let's make this the biggest and best hobby party of the year!


  1. What if you didn't have a Facebook before but created an account just to participate in NaMoPaiMo? Will you get rejected from the group because there isn't any horse stuff on your page yet?

    1. Hopefully, you were answered the questions and were accepted without any problems. If there were issues, let me know privately, and I'll make sure you're confirmed.