Wednesday, January 3, 2018

First ride of 2018

Most of the country is experiencing record breaking cold temperatures, but not Colorado. Today was warm, sunny and much too nice to spend inside, so I got in my car and headed to Kenlyn.
The plan was to go on a trail ride with Stetson with three of my best barn buddies 
And that's exactly what happened for approximately ten minutes.
Then there was a bit of drama, and our four person ride turned into a two person ride. Also, Stetson turned into Rey.
It's all good. In fact, it was better than good. I really like both Stetson and Rey, so this seemed like a perfect way to start my riding year.
Today was all about real horses, so the NaMoPaiMo registration post has been pushed back another day. That's okay, but I do want to mention that the first NaMoPaiMo benefit medallion is currently up for offers on MH$P. This one was painted by Nikki Button and it's absolutely fabulous.  
Thank you so much, Nikki and Kylee for your generous support of NaMoPaiMo. I truly couldn't do it without you!


  1. Oh you are so lucky it's warm enough to ride there. I'm up in Rhode Island where there's a foot of snow on the ground and temperatures as low as -20 degrees with wind chill!

  2. Ha, lucky you. Up here in Michigan the temp is 1 degree, -20 with wind chill. Its supposed to be even worse tomorrow.

  3. I look forward to it