Friday, January 22, 2016

Stock Show 2016

It's just not January without a trip to the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado. This year, I was accompanied by Seth, James...
and Collyn. 
We arrived early and spent some time perusing the wares in the Hall of Education.
The Stock Show used to be a great place to look at tack, but now the saddles are few and far between.
This made me sad, but James was perfectly happy trying out massage chairs and sampling no bake cheese cake batter. Go figure!
I am always on the hunt for horse shaped object, and we did find some of those.
I have no particular interest in these little, rubbery horses... 
but I love their props! 
Oh, how I wish this was 1:9 scale! 
After about an hour, we headed to the Coliseum for the rodeo. 
We watched horses...
and cowboys,
and rough stock, 
Percherons and
and Westernaires.
The rings is dark and difficult to shoot in, so I didn't take many pictures of the actual events. Instead, I focused on specific things, like interesting tack,
long haired cowboys, 
and steer wrestlers named Bray.
All in all, that was a pretty good way to spend an evening. I'm already looking forward to next year's edition!


  1. That's an interesting makeshift blinder. I wonder why that horse needs it?

    1. He was a steer wrestling horse and he only had the blinder on one side. I'm guessing his rider wanted him to focus on the steer? Whatever the case, it didn't help. They had a no time.

  2. Love the Schleich scale pen!! Especially the pink 😍

  3. This bridle with the make-shift blinder flaps has a lot going on, holy! Hahaha

  4. Sounds interesting! I used to have some of the Scheich but never had some of those cool props. Also completely understand how difficult arena shooting is!

  5. I am actually quite interested in the blinder, I might have to try it in model scale!

  6. I love the Schleich props! I never have the justification to buy them though since I have very few Schleich horses, until I saw this...

  7. I'm not sure if there are just so many more horse events near you or if I am not looking hard enough for horse events near me. I need to go live in Colorado.

  8. Would've loved to see the Schleich props in 1:9 scale too! They look really nice!

  9. I'm with you regarding the scale. So many toy like things that would be fun to use, but finding it close to 1:9.. hmmppf :(

  10. That glow in the dark flag is pretty cool! Looks like they put on a pretty nice event.

  11. was the steer wrestler any relation?

    1. His first name is Bray, so probably not, but I can pretend.


  12. It looks like you had fun! I will miss going to the Black Hills Stock Show this year, in Rapid City. I've gone every year for many years. It's always interesting and fun to see the vendors, horses, and other livestock.