Friday, January 8, 2016

By the book

Every now and then I get an idea in my head that I simply can't ignore. 
I was supposed to make a bridle for Margaret today.  
Instead, I made a 1:9 scale copy of George Morris' Hunter Seat Equitation
For reasons I can not explain, it was important to me that the pages...
were at least...
This is by no means the entirety of the text, but it's enough to satisfy my inner miniaturist. 
Since I'm not a Photoshop pro and I've never made a 1:9 scale book, this project took a lot longer than I'd expected. I am mostly satisfied with the results, but I'd sort of like to try it again, just to see if I could do it a little better. That will have to wait until tomorrow, though. I really do need to make that bridle.


  1. This is beyond cute! "inner miaturist" is something you do well to listen to! I've always been intrigued by miniature books, so this is interesting.

  2. That's a worthy distraction. ;)

  3. Wow, that is an intense level of detail!

  4. This is utterly delightful! <3