Saturday, January 30, 2016

Before the storm

There's snow in the forecast. 

If the weatherman is to be believed, it's going to start snowing tomorrow and will keep snowing until Tuesday. Accumulation predictions range from eight inches to more than a foot, with fifty mile per hour winds producing blizzard like conditions.

But... that's still a day away. 

Today was a warm and sunny sixty four degrees--perfect riding weather. Mary Jo, Karen and I met at the barn for  one last ride before the storm.
 It was...
absolutely beautiful out there...
and the trails were crowded with like minded riders. 
Sigh. Why can't it be spring?
After my ride, I walked the dog,
put gas in the car,
I can not remember the last time I paid $1.05 for gas!
and went to the grocery store. 
I think half of Colorado was at the grocery store with me. Those were some seriously long lines! 
The last stop was the hardware store for some barn beautification items.
Now that I am officially ready for that storm we'll probably end up with two inches. And, you know, that would be okay with me!


  1. "Gotta get the bread and milk! They said snow!" haha ;) It looks like you had a fun and productive day. Overall I am not impressed with the snow we've gotten over here. It is supposed to be the "snowiest base in the world" (!!). I love snow, I was so excited about that. When winter was coming, everyone here was talking smack about how much snow falls. We've gotten some, but I'm still waiting for feet and feet of snow. ;) Though... most of those people are from places that don't get snow and we came here from SD, and I'm from Colorado. Maybe that's the problem with their perception and my experience. Ha!

  2. Your gas is $1.05?! That's it, I need to move to Colorado pronto.


    1. It was actually $1.55 but I had a fifty cent grocery credit. Gas is usually reasonable here in comparison to most of the country, but $1.05 is still pretty amazing. Makes me want to go on a road trip... a southbound road trip!


  3. The mud is getting epic at the barn and we still have a lot of snow left around the property. However, it was SO LOVELY to not be bundled up that much while riding :)

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  5. Hope the weather won't get too bad!

  6. I just paid $1.54 for gas here in Indiana and thought that was good! I hope you'll post progress pictures of the "barn raising"!

  7. Hope you (and the lovely ponies) stay warm!

  8. Getting snowed in is a great excuse for making tack.