Thursday, January 14, 2016

Today is not my birthday

I spent the summer of 1989 working as a wrangler at the Don K Ranch in the mountains outside of Pueblo, Colorado.
I was part of a small, tight-knit staff...
comprised mostly of college students between the ages of nineteen and twenty two. 
We lived together, 
worked together,
rode together,
ate together,
and played together. 
It's possible that we drank together, too.
Because we were all young and full of ourselves, we also spent a lot of time pranking each other.
Everyone was fair game, even the horses. 
The only exception was the ranch foreman, Mark. He was a decade older than the rest of us and kind of intimidating. People would ask, "What should we do to Mark?" and I'd say, "I think we should leave him alone."
Mark almost made it through the entire summer without being the victim of a practical joke. Then someone, not me, spread a rumor about it being Mark's birthday. Over the course of the day, nearly every one of the seventy five plus ranch guests stopped by to wish Mark a happy birthday. Such a simple thing, but it ended up being the most memorable prank of them all.

Today is not my birthday. 

My birthday is January 18, and I have never claimed otherwise. Somehow, Tiffany missed the memo. She was so sure I was born today she paid extra to guarantee a "birthday" delivery.
Today is not my birthday....
but there are Purdys in these boxes...
Should I open them?


  1. Doooo eeeeeet! :D Think of it as an unbirthday. :P

  2. It's a pre-Birthday present, of course you should open it! Whoever heard of patience anyway? ~ Shanly

  3. Second birthday! (before the first...) :D

  4. The horse one took me a second.... what a fantastic time you had!! Wish I had done that myself, English boots and all.

    Miss Tiffany is awfully nice to send you goodies in the mail regardless of the holiday. Open away, I say!

  5. The card looks really cool and I love the pink boxes!