Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Happy holibrays

Attending the December Donkey Delight fundraiser at Longhopes Donkey Shelter is quickly becoming my new favorite holiday tradition. This year I was joined by James, Teresa, Collyn and Carol.
We took pictures with Santa Donkey, 
 rode in the donkey carts,
decorated donkey cookies...
and ate way too many desserts.
Mostly, however, we hung out with the donkeys.
We checked in with some old favorites, like Melody... 
and Nacho...
who let us touch him for the first time. Hurray!
Of course we made some new friends, too.
This short eared donkey is named Serenity.
No one knows exactly what happened to the ears, but it appears to be abuse related. Despite that, she's a very sweet and patient girl. I hope she finds a home as special as she is.
This is Collyn with Hollyn.
Her real name might be Holly N, but for obvious reasons, we prefer Hollyn. 
There were also...

 four adorable new babies...
  all of whom...
were feeling their oats!
Oh, how we love Longhopes!
James and I could stay there forever.
In fact, we might still be there if Carol hadn't intervened.
Last one to leave is going home wet! 
Thanks to the good people at Longhopes for another wonderful holiday party. I'm already looking forward to next year's event!


  1. Guaranteed to make anybody like donkeys. I particularly admire the cookies and the carts. Thank you so much for sharing this delight.

  2. Thanks to Longhopes, I now want a donkey as much as I want a horse. I love them so much.