Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The rest of the box

Diestro may have been the best thing in Thursday's best box...
but the other things were pretty wonderful, too!
This twisty little guy is a Hank resin by Tibbi Searcher. 
He's a neat piece, but like Diestro, he didn't arrive unscathed. I don't blame Laura. Both models were well packed, and the box looked fine. That must have been a really rough trip.
The box also included a child rider doll, or what will eventually be a child rider doll once he's been customized.
Laura used a similar doll in some of her show entries earlier this year. I absolutely fell in love with this little dude, and Laura was kind enough to send me his twin.
Photo by Janna Shepherd
Last but not least, is a 1:9 scale Airflex cinch. For someone who is best known for her customizing, Laura is a darn fine tack maker. I am happy to add a small piece of her work to my tack collection.
Thanks for everything, Laura. That was really an awesome box!

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