Monday, November 9, 2015

Postcards from Rev

Rev was a kind, quirky horse with a big heart, who loved attention and thrived on daily work. He bonded tightly with his humans and was a fun, but decidedly not easy, ride. Even before my accident, I thought he would be an ideal mount for a brave, good riding teenager.
Happily, that's what he got with Grace. 
They were ideally suited for one another. Grace "got" Rev, and he loved her.
I know my family doesn't want to hear this, but it was worth breaking my collarbone to get Rev into Grace's care.
Over the last two years, I've received a number of updates from Grace and her mother. They always made me smile, especially when they included pictures of Grace and Rev. I'm sharing some of those photos here.
Thank you so much to Grace and Karen for taking such good care of Rev. I know he was happy at Kenlyn, but I think his last home was also his best home. He was a lucky horse.


  1. *Tears* I'm so sorry for them... and for you. He had the most beautiful face, and he WAS so truly, truly lucky to have had all of you who loved him in his life.

  2. Awwww :) *sniff* I know what Grace is going through as I certainly went through the same thing. However, I also know that her life was enhanced in ways she will not realize 'til she's older by Rev. And Rev had a little girl to love him and in some ways, there is no better thing for a horse to have.

  3. Thank you Jennifer for the wonderful tribute to Rev. His spirit lives on in laughter. We laugh about how funny he was. His tail had a mind of its own, he was a master at not getting caught and he knew your purpose by what car u were driving up in! He made us laugh so much fun!

    1. He really was a funny horse! I like all the horses I'm riding now, but none of them have his sense of humor!

  4. I just can’t stop the tears from flowing. From all the years I’ve been reading your Blog, your words and pictures made me feel as if I knew Rev personally!

    I’m so very, very sorry for both of you - for his little girl Grace and just as sorry for you too Jennifer.

    RIP Rev…

  5. So sorry to hear about Rev. Thoughts for you and Grace.

  6. what a tragic accident, Grace must be devastated. Rev seemed like a very cool horse and it's heartening to hear that he was happy and loved by so many

  7. So handsome... he could have been a unicorn without a horn. So sorry it had to and this way... but Grace seems so nice and I'm pretty sure they deserved each other.