Monday, November 23, 2015


Most of my weekend was spent cleaning the house and preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday. There's still a lot to do before Seth's family arrives, but today I decided I'd earned a Santana break.
Our usual trail was inaccessible due to mud and construction crews, so we went for an urban ride through the neighborhood.
While not terribly exciting, this was lot more fun than cleaning the house! 
Since my ride wasn't very long, I also allowed myself to spend a little time playing in the studio. I'm not sure if this kind of rolled nose Arabian halter is still a thing, but I enjoyed making it. 
And now my fun time is over. The guest room bathroom is calling my name. Ugh!


  1. A bathroom calling your name... and not for the obvious! But clean is good. I like that Arab halter. It has good clean lines. Congrats and thanks for sharing Santana with us who don't ride!

  2. If it makes you feel better, I still buy rolled noseband halters for my Arabs show halters- many people still make them. I love the look:) it looks fantastic!