Saturday, November 28, 2015

My hobby family, part four

Seth's parents left this morning, and his brother and his family followed suit a couple hours ago. The holiday part of the holiday weekend is officially over, so this is the last of the Thanksgiving people posts. Thanks again to everyone who participated. I really enjoyed sharing my holiday weekend with you!
Carrie Richmond
Regan O'Keefe
Christie Partee with AP Indy
Heather Kapica
Anita Poole with her friend Hooshang
Ruru Cold
Janna Shepherd
Vanessa Adams
Barb DiAnnibella and Smart Nukes
Morgan Haberman


  1. Barb Niesley should be Barb DiAnnibella...Niesley is my maiden name. Don't want people who know me to think I got a divorce! Love seeing faces to names, this was a great idea!

    1. You know I wondered about that! If I hadn't been so pressed for time, I would have emailed... At least it's fixed now!