Sunday, November 15, 2015

Weekend show report

Despite the lack of NAN cards, this looks like one of the best and most fun model horse shows ever. Thank you, Lindsay, for sharing this awesome show report!

The Fond du Lac County 4-H Model Horse Show

by Lindsay Diamond

Yesterday was the Fond du Lac County 4-H Model Horse Show. It's not a NAN- qualifying show, just purely fun.  Still, we have a few exhibitors who like to pull out all stops.

First up, the trail class.  There were your normal arena trail entries with poles and natural trail set-ups.  But Janice Albrecht brought out the "Yellow Trail".
Next up, in the Other Performance Class, we had a "Side Show Attractions" entry - A Horse Born with a Backwards Head!  
Janice had a whole set up with seals, clowns, and the promised horse with a backwards head!  
There's even a certificate of live birth! 
Costume classes are always fun, especially when the exhibitors have made the costumes themselves.  And what's more perfect in the "Wild West or Circus Parade" costume class than an actual parade? The picture is an aerial view of New York for the famous Macy's Parade, with little tiny people holding the "balloon" and parade goers watching it float by!
Now the fun classes at lunch time! Betty has a couple of classes, usually something like "Get of Sire" and "Favorite Mold".  This year, I had suggested that instead of a favorite mold or color, etc, to have them "Educate the Judge". I wanted the 4-H kids who would enter to come up with something about their favorite equine discipline and "teach me" through model horses.

Well, only one kid participated, but the adults sure had fun with it!
The 4-H exhibitor had some trouble catching that darn pony!
The adults got a bit more creative.  Karla Hankee showed us what a lot of real horse exhibitors might be doing after a long day at a horse show - hanging around and eating and drinking! The horses are in "tie stalls", and there are mini drinks and food in the coolers with little "ice cubes" as well!
Mary Soderlund always brings some fantastic ideas for these fun classes.  She brought back her mini horse show set up!
She says on her card, "I could not decide on a discipline, so I chose them all!"  Mary has shown this set up in a similar class six years ago, but it's always so much fun to see.  
The set-up uses Marx dolls and Mini Whinnies for her "Show"
Tiny scissors, clip boards, and toe tags!
And what's more appropriate for carrying those mini model horses around than none other than denture tubs!
Mary's set-up six years ago was in the "Other Performance" class as an actual model horse show.  Mary made the tables herself, and they're amazing!
Needless to say, I love going to the Fond du Lac County 4-H show.  The 4-H kids are tough competitors!  As I judge their classes, I am thinking that I would not want to be showing against them - they're really good!  It's a fun day spent with a lot of friends, old and new, and the best part is that we laugh almost the whole day!  It's truly a reminder what this whole hobby is about - fun and friendship.

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