Friday, November 27, 2015

Hobby family with family

The last couple days have been filled with family...
Katie, Ivelyse, Chole, Liliana and Jennifer Buxton
and the next few days will be filled with editing family photos.
Ryan, Seth, Tom, James and Jason Buxton
This is not a hardship: I love my family and I love family pictures. 
Buxton cousins. Darcy is standing in for Liliana because it was twelve degrees outside.
I am not alone in that. Today's people pictures post is filled with photos of hobbyists and their families. Thanks again to everyone who sent these images. I am so happy and honored to share the Thanksgiving holiday with you and yours!
Fabian Rodriguez with his father, Bernard Rocha
Kirsten and Sarah Wellman
Lynn Isenbargar with grandson, Titan Rex
Lindsay Diamond with lots of family
Rachel Fail with her daughter
Rachel and daughter again because both pictures are too cute not to share 
Erin Corbett and daughter, Olive

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