Friday, November 6, 2015

Too busy for models

 I wanted to write a post about model horses today.
Unfortunately, I have been so busy today, I haven't had time to think about model horses.

No really.

We had house guests arrive late yesterday, so my early morning was spent with them. Then it was off to the barn to hold horses for the vet.
When that was done, I cleaned Santana and went for a short ride. 
Then I had an appointment with the barn owner to take pictures of the babies.
I seriously can not believe this one's still for sale!
I went home for lunch, and then headed out to Brighton Feed and Saddlery to go saddle shopping with Cindy. We sat in a lot of saddles. 
This one was the winner. 
It's a Julie Goodnight saddle by Circle Y, and boy, is it comfy. My butt cannot wait to ride this one down the trail!
I was home at sunset. Darcy and I squeezed in a quick walk. Then it was time for dinner and family. It's eight pm now, and for the first time all day, I am sitting in my studio and thinking about model horses. Maybe, just maybe, I'll write a post about them tomorrow!


  1. It's Cindy's saddle not mine (I wish!), but since I ride Cindy's horse, I will get to use it.


  2. Hahaha. So it's almost like yours. It's a nice-looking saddle. I didn't know Julie Goodnight had a line of saddles.

    1. Yes, she sure does. I've sat in that one. Even I, as a non-Western rider, think the memory foam seat is the BOMB! If I ever switch disciplines it's what I surely want. Jennifer, I'm so glad you'll be using this saddle. I'll tell Julie that's what you guys chose and I know she'll be tickled. ;)