Thursday, November 19, 2015

Throwback Thursday finds

Seth's family is coming for Thanksgiving, so this week I am cleaning the house. Today's project is the hutch in the kitchen.
Although I try to confine the model horses to my studio and the basement, I wasn't totally surprised to find Shalimay's certificate of authenticity mixed in with the kids' old report cards.
Similarly, the pile of family photos...
also contained an envelope of model horse show photos belonging to my friend, Fran. I proxy showed these for her years ago. I didn't realize I still had them!
Other findings included a china Streetwise tail...
and several half finished props.
This mailbox one of the first serious props I ever built. The box itself is carved out of balsa wood. Talk about doing things the hard way! 
These "sticks" were part of a Native American travois I made in the early 2000's. Unfortunately, I wasn't pleased with the finished product so I took it apart and planned to rebuild. Obviously, that never happened.
This little epoxy dog hails from the same time period. I never finished her either. 
No, Sara. You can't have her! 
It's tempting to dive back into these old projects, but I am determined. The house comes first. So it's back to cleaning for me. I wonder what other Throwback Thursday things I will find?


  1. YOU ARE NO FUN!!!! I need all the dog shaped objects!!!

  2. YOU ARE NO FUN!!!! I need all the dog shaped objects!!!