Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Classic Classic

On Saturday, I had the great pleasure of juding the "Not Original Finish" breed division at Teresa Buzzell's The Classic Classic in Boulder, Colorado. As the name suggests, this show was for classic (1:12) scale models only, and "Not Original Finish" included custom glaze chinas, 
artist resins... 
Kristina Lucas Francis Orson resin owned by Janna Shepherd
and customs. 
Breyer Classic Mustang mare customized by Janice Williford and owned by Melissa Addison
Most of the classes were on the small side,
but the quality was definitely there.
It's hard to complain about a three horse class when the three horses look like these! 
The Spanish/Gaited division was tiny, with only four horses total. Despite that, both the champion...
ES Spanish Guy, custom by Melanie Miller and owned by Erin Corbett
(I love his face)... 
ES Spanish Guy, custom by Melanie Miller and owned by Erin Corbett
and reserve were extremely deserving. 
Hillbilly Shoes, Lynn Fraley Chet resin owned by Nancy Dement
The pony division is always a favorite of mine, so I was delighted to discover that was also the biggest section of the day. There were lots of Breyer Eberl pony mares...
and foals,
Custom owned by Janna Sheperd
several Animal Artistry chinas...
Greygallows Butterfly, CMG AA Walking Shetland owned by Yashka Hallein
and resins,  
plus a handful of other things. 
Greygallow's Valentine's Jitters, CMG Adalee Hude Jitterbug owned by Yashka Hallein
Several showers brought some wonderful vintage pieces.
It had been a long time since I'd seen a string mane and tail! 
In the end, clinkies reigned supreme. My choice for Overall Champion was Greygallow's Ratrod, a Kristina Lucas Francis Ratrod glazed by Margaret Para and owned by Yashka Hallein.
This guy was perfection from every angle and such a perfect color for that body! 
Reserve honors went to Teresa Fedak's gorgeous Welsh Cob. 
What a fun day! Thanks to Teresa for making it happen and to everyone who came out to show. I loved seeing all your classic scale beauties.


  1. I'm a sucker for classic scale because they are compatible with dollhouse miniatures. It always surprises me more performance people don't want the classics for exactly that reason!

  2. Thanks so much for judging! I wish I could have been there, but am glad that some of my ponies could be at least! :)

  3. Ditto about the doll's house scale comment - that was one of the things that drew me to Julips!