Monday, April 27, 2015


Region X is a hotbed of performance excellence, and nowhere was this more apparent than at last Saturday's Quabbin Valley Performance Open in Spencer, Massachusetts. Today I am happy to share another group of QVPO photos, this time from Brenda Bednar. Thank you so much, Brenda!
This historic farm harness entry belongs to Brenda and features two brand new dolls by Anne Field. Brenda asked Anne to make a turn of the century (1800's) farming couple similar  to the parents from Little House on the Prairie. This is what she came up with. Aren't they wonderful?
Speaking of wonderful, I also like this tiny little Arab costume...
and this much bigger, Hollywood type costume.
Onto Western! 
Here's another look at Linda White's giant Duero resin. So cool. So big.
This excellent steer roping entry belongs to Brenda, and features a Time Lapse resin sculpted and painted by Kimberley Smith and another great doll by Anne Field.
The trail class was filled with a number of eye catching entries, including this one belonging to Danielle Feldman.
This Knightly Cadence is a Colorado horse. He belongs to my friend, Fabian Rodriguez, but was shown here by Anne Field. You can read all about Anne's adventures in proxy showing on her blog.
Because she is just that awesome, Anne also showed several performance horses of her own. This one is Shades of Godiva, a Morgen Kilbourn Godiva resin painted by Liesl Dalpe. I like the fact that instead of paying attention to what she's doing, that rowdy Massachusetts doll appears to be reading the bulletin board on the back of Darleen's fence.
Moving on to English, here's another one of Anne's nifty trail entries. This time the doll is focused on the job at hand!

This Sheila Bishop Charity resin was painted by Tara Louiselle and belongs to Laura Rene. Love those dapples!

Here's another neat horse. This is Bob, a custom Salinero (?) by Gail Hildebrand. 
He is proudly owned by Brenda, who showed to many good placings throughout the day.
I'll close the post with one more of Brenda's horses. I really like this entry...
and it looks like the judge agreed! 
Congratulations, Brenda, and thank you so much for allowing me to share your photos!


  1. Love getting to see all the goodies! I will always love great performance, any scale! That same weekend I was judging a show. Thanks Brenda & Darleen.

  2. I made both the Arab costumes you posted photos of :) This whole post makes me happy. Time to go blog some more about the show.

    1. I was pretty sure the traditional scale costume was yours, but I had no idea the mini was yours as well. Good job, and what a pretty little Arab!


    2. Yup, the teeny one is mine. It was interesting working that small. Plus I HAD to add a doll!

  3. Wahoo! I love drafters under saddle, and saddleseat is just fabulous... so inspiring :) I have a performance drafter in progress that I can't wait to show in every class I can manage.

  4. Finally !! Someone who did My Dream!!!
    It turned out AWESOME!!!