Friday, April 17, 2015

Speaking of dogs

Yesterday's puppy post reminded me that I still have several guest posts to share. This one comes from my friend and fellow tackmaker, Sara Kucharski. It's not model horse related, but I hope everyone will enjoy it anyway.


by Sara Kucharski

As Jennifer and some of my close friends in the hobby know, I lost my whole world three days before Christmas….
I did the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my entire life. I know what I did was the right thing, and I don’t regret it. Still, I think about it at least once every day, and I miss them more than I care to actually admit to the outside world.  
I hadn't planned on getting another dog for a while….. at least I thought not. But I have had a dog since I was born, and I just wasn't me without one. 
I started browsing online at adoption sites and inquired about a few dogs, but nothing panned out. I left work early one Saturday just to see what our local Humane Society had. I didn't expect them to have a Jack Russell, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to look. The facility is absolutely amazing with really neat cat rooms that you could go in to play with the cats. I slowly toured the cat area looking at everyone and almost trying not to walk into the dog area. As soon as I walked through the doors I could smell dogs. My heart may have sunk a little remembering the smell. I walked down one side and saw so many sad faces. Most of them pits and a few were older dogs. Then I came to the end of one side, and there was a small spotted dog furiously wagging its tail and jumping.
Holy crap…. a Jack Russell…. I’m in trouble. This wasn't what I expected to happen. How on earth did a Jack Russell come to be here the exact day I decided to walk in? I grabbed a treat and asked the dog to sit. It did. Well, that was a surprise. What stray knows how to sit? I gave her the treat and asked if I could pet her. They took us to a room, and all she wanted to do was play ball! She was polite about it, handing the ball to me each time she brought it back. I found that very interesting. Next was walking her outside on the designated walk area. She tugged the whole time, but with having a dog that tugged before I was ready for it. By the end of that walk, I had made up my mind. The rest they say is history.
A few days later, I brought her home, and she was really mine. We are all still getting used to each other, but things have been going good. Trixie has even been to several states while we attend model horse shows. Sometimes at night, I sit with her next to me and part of me is still sad that I lost my best friend. At the same time it is good to have a smelly dog again.


  1. Sara, I am so sorry about you losing your dog(s), but I'm also so happy that you found Trixie! I know she's glad you came along that day, too. It was meant to be. :-)

  2. I know how this routine goes. It always helps to have a new friend there to make you happy and the memories of your old friend to make you smile.