Sunday, April 19, 2015

Steele's baby

Early yesterday morning, Kenlyn Steele+ delivered the fifth and final Kenlyn foal of 2015.
He is a black/grey colt... 
and tiny. 
No, really. This one is super tiny. You would never guess he arrived four weeks past his due date! 
Fortunately, he's just the right size for hugging.
I've really enjoyed this year's foaling season. A few small hiccups aside, this was a drama free year. All the mares are healthy and happy and their foals are beautiful and perfect.


  1. Yay, babies!! I wish everything 4 weeks overdue looked as good as him!

  2. I really enjoyed all of the foal pictures, especially the foals' expressions. So cute! :)

  3. so glad all the horses are doing well this year! they are just so stinkin cute :)