Thursday, April 9, 2015

Khemecho's baby

My phone rang as I was driving home from the live show on Saturday. I answered it, expecting Seth or one of the kids. Instead it was Linda.

"Khemecho's going to foal tonight," she said. "You and James should come"

That sounded good to me so I sped home and ate a hasty dinner with my family. Then James and I bundled up and headed out into the night.
I was hoping for an early delivery, and at first it looked like Khemecho might cooperate. Together with another mother/child pair, we spent several hours watching her from the comfort of the barn apartment. At eleven PM, the foaling manager returned so the Kari, Claire, James and I adjourned to Linda's house. Two more hours passed. By one o'clock, I was ready to call it quits. James begged and pleaded for a little more time. Reluctantly, I agreed.

Forty five minutes later, this happened.
It's a boy! 
He's perfect. 
We watched him take his first steps... 
and drink his first meal. 
James was assigned the placenta removal detail. Doesn't he look thrilled? 
Claire helped. 
 How many kids can say they did this over their Spring Break?
At four AM, both mama and baby were were ready for a nap so we headed home for a little shut eye of our own. That didn't last long, however. By mid-morning, we'd returned Kenlyn to check up on our little Easter foal.
He was even cuter in the sunshine.
 Sweeter, too.
Proud mama.
I'm way to old to stay up all night, but that was totally worth it!


  1. YAY! SO relieved it worked out for the ol' girl and her new baby!

    1. As you know, I was really worried about that old mama. Fortunately, she had an easy labor. She was exhausted afterwards, but recovered well. Both she and the baby looked wonderful today.


  2. Oh he's adorable! (and so trusting! That certainly bodes well for the future!)
    I love James' expressions though. XD

    1. I SO wish that third placenta picture was in focus. Alas, it's dark in that barn, and I don't like using a flash in a foaling stall...

  3. This is awesome. It's a little ironic since my barn has it's own baby this year belonging to a boarder. We never have foals so this year Vera, the little filly, is a real treat!

  4. aw i love his blaze!! and James is really logging some very special horsey experiences - i hope he sticks with it!

  5. Your son is so fortunate to have these photos to be able to look back upon in 10 or so years. He is very lucky to have you as a mother who is willing to share these moments with him :)