Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday favorites

Hobby dolls have come a long way in the last decade. Once a strictly utilitarian item, bought for the sole purpose of completing a performance entry, the best modern hobby dolls are as unique, detailed and collectible as the model horses they ride. Today's Friday Favorite showcases the most recent work of the very best hobby doll artists, Jane Schneider.
Jane is not a prolific artist. In the last ten years, she has produced just thirty eight dolls, every one of which is meticulously researched and created with painstaking attention to detail. Tiffany Purdy's 1800's Governess and Child set is no exception.
The governess doll is a Mego Grandma Walton doll, rehaired and dressed by Jane. 
Here is the reference picture for her outfit.
The child is a Breyer doll, who was also haired and dressed by Jane. She is shown with a Landseer dog, which is a variety of Newfoundland that was popular in the Victorian era.
The girl's outfit was based on this picture. Jane says the shoes were most difficult part!
Both dolls have purses. The girls' is a drawstring style called a reticule.
A crazy quilt and picnic items complete the set.
Jane made the quilt herself, but the basket, teakettle, tea cups and food items are doll house miniatures from eBay. 
I can not wait to see what Tiffany does with these. I have no doubt they will look great in her governess cart, but truthfully, these dolls don't need Tiffany's horses to make them look good. They are wonderful collectibles in their own right. Kudos to Jane and all of our wonderful doll artists for doing so much to advance this part of the model horse hobby!


  1. Wow, those are really cool! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. The little picnic is such a cute performance idea!

  3. Grandma Walton never looked so good. Jane is really talented. Love historical recreations.