Sunday, July 13, 2014

Purdy NANtastic

NAN happened without me this year.  I wasn't in attendance, I didn't send any proxy horses, and  I didn't sit at home watching the live feed and refreshing the results page.  Except for a few texts, I was mostly unaware of the happenings in Lexington.

It's just now that I'm starting to get caught up, and hurray!  I'm so happy to discover that my "community property" horses had a Purdy awesome show.  Cajun Caress started things off with a National Championship in the CM Harness class.
 Purdy Chexy Jewel claimed the CM Other Performance Championship with his "reject" saddle.  Yay!
The black and pink pony set made it's live show debut on Purdy Mystique in the CM English Over Fences Cross Country/Steeplechase/Jumper class.  So cute and good enough for a Top Ten ribbon.
 Tiffany's other new BCS saddle helped Cajun Caress win the Reserve title in the CM Huntseat Pleasure All Other Types class.
I recently repossessed my saddleseat saddle, so Purdy Grande Latte had to use another tackmaker's work to win the CM Saddleseat Championship.  Pretty sure that's a BCS bridle, though!
Erin Corbett makes most of Tiffany's Western tack, so I didn't have a hand in the next three set-ups.  This is Cajun Caress...
and Purdy Chexy Jewel... 
extending the Purdy win streak in CM Western Pleasure All Other Breed Types, CM Stockwork Quarter Horses and CM Western Other Performance Quarter Horse Paint.
Proving that Purdy horses are just as tough in halter as they are in performance, this is Mariposa winning the CM Andalusian/Lusitano class.  She is wearing a BCS Cobra collar.
Congratulations on all the well deserved wins, Tiffany!  Maybe next year we'll join forces and show at NAN together!


  1. Is Purdy Chexy Jewel a CM Breyer Latigo?

    -Kelsey Roe

    1. I was going to ask the same thing! He looks very much like the breyer latigo

  2. He has a Latigo body for sure. I'm not familiar enough with the source model to know if that's the original head.