Friday, July 4, 2014

More experimenting

With more than eighteen thousand pageviews, "Poodle Horses" is far and away the most popular blog post I've ever written.
This is a little frustrating to me.  I've written nearly two thousand posts, and Poodle Horses is not one of my better efforts.  In fact, it's a forgettable little puff piece.  I keep hoping it will go away, but every time I check my blog stats, it's right there at the top.
As much as this annoys me, it also serves as a constant reminder that I need to make a model scale Poodle Horse costume.  I still had the pink youth doll, pink ultrasuede and micrro-magnets on my work desk this morning.  One thing led to another....
Pattern by Tate Creates
and this happened!
I will never, ever be a dollmaker...
but this is good enough for my purposes. 
Now I just need to figure out how to make the poodle parts of the costume...


  1. I'd use felt that you rip a bit to make it fluffy and Pom poms like in the first picture. Or a nice old rag. Rags are helpful.

  2. Wonderful! I have a mini horse that isn't done being customized yet but when (and if) it is I want a costume of some kind for it too.

    Hob Lob has pompoms in all sizes and curly black doll hair too, or you can un-twist black yarn for hair. YES, YOU WILL BE A DOLL DRESSER ONE DAY! YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!

    1. Ha ha! Your faith in me is seriously misplaced. The only way I can see myself dressing a doll is to throw all the fabric in a bag, drive it to your house and then watch you put it together! I have no skills (and no patience!) when it comes to sewing.


    2. For someone with no skills or patience for sewing, you did a great job with this skirt. Better than I ever could. Good job, Jennifer!

    3. Thanks for the compliments, Brenda, but this was really easy. There was no sewing involved--YAY! The skirt and band are made of ultrasuede. The poodle is skiver and the leash is braided embroidery floss.


  3. Wow, so cool!

  4. I know this post is really old, but I was thinking that the poodle horse thing gets so many views because it's a topic popular with the general public and pops up when you search poodle horses on Google.