Monday, July 14, 2014

Mississippi dawgs

I met my friend, Ron, more than twenty years ago when we were both working on the A show hunter/jumper circuit.  Back then, Ron was an equine professional who happened to own a couple dogs. 

Ron still owns a couple horses,
but now his main focus is dogs. 
Last Tuesday my friend Debbie and I had the great pleasure of visiting Ron's K9 Kraze Agility & Rescue in Hernando, Mississippi.
This picturesque facility sits on thirteen fenced acres and is home to twenty two dogs, three horses and two humans.
 Most of the dogs were in their kennels when we arrived, but we quickly let them out to play.
And boy, did they play! 
It was hot, so most of the dogs went straight to the water. 
 There were little dogs, 
 big dogs,
 scruffy dogs,
and fluffy dogs! 
So many different dogs... 
but all of them were happy and extremely well behaved. 
After everyone had had a chance to play, Ron showed us some of his dogs' best tricks.  Cash pushed a shopping cart. 
Happy packed for a road trip... 
and Homer and Happy teamed up to roll and race through a barrel roll.
We also got to see Homer... 
 and Pepper do some agility.
Look at that little dog jump!
This was such a fun day.  
Thanks for inviting us over, Ron!  I can't wait to come back.


  1. Wow! What a great-looking place.

  2. Love the dog who looks like he's doing show jumping. :)

    -Kelsey Roe

    1. That's Pepper. He's a Poodle/Australian Shepherd mix and one of my favorites!

  3. I love dogs!