Thursday, July 17, 2014

Camerat shopping

Somewhere in Arkansas, my beloved Nikon D90 developed the dreaded blinking green light of death (BGLOD).  Because I'd brought my battery charger, I was able to continue taking photos, but it was clear that something wasn't right.
As soon as I got home, I contacted my local camera repair shop.  They listened to my list of symptoms and advised me to buy a new battery.  Unfortunately, they didn't actually have the battery in stock so I had to wait until yesterday to see if that would solve my problem.

It didn't.

Further diagnostics indicate this is not something I can fix locally.  The camera needs to go back to Nikon, which means I will be without it for three weeks.  Three weeks!  How will I survive three weeks without a camera?

Obviously, I can't so I decided to search Craig's List for a cheap-but-decent "purse" camera to use in the meantime.  I ended up going with this forty dollar Canon Powershot A560, which was recommended by Nichelle Jones in her model photography tutorial.
James and I bought the camera and were on our way to the barn to try it out when we got a text from Ryan stating that we needed bedding for the rat cage.  As luck would have it, we were less than a mile from PetsMart.  We stopped in and one thing led to another...
Yeah, we got a new rat! 
We never made it to the barn, but here are some comparison pictures.  New rat with the Nikon...
and new rat with the Canon.  Not bad for forty bucks!
The kids are absolutely delighted with the new addition...
and I am never allowed to go to a pet store again. 
So that's the story of how I went out to buy a camera and came home with a rat, because--obviously--these two things go together!

P.S.  New rat needs a name.  We're thinking Licorice, but we're open to suggestions.


  1. I second Oreo! I think the name suits her well :)

  2. Sorry, Oreo had already been discussed and rejected. Ryan says it's much too generic. He's pushing for Pinta short of Pintobean, which sorta kinda matches our other rat Jellybean. James is not convinced. We're really having trouble reaching a consensus!

  3. If it is a girl, then you could name her calypso. Calypso beans are black and white. Just a thought.

  4. How about "mom'sanut"?

  5. Staying with the 'bean theme":
    There's the difficult to find CalicoBean - could be called 'Cali' for short.
    OR PintoBeans are also called Borlotti ('Lotti' for short) and lastly Cannellini Bean ('Nelli') for short...

    : )

  6. I like Calicobean, but there was no comment when I tried to get it past James. We've received SO MANY good suggestions, both here and on Facebook. I can't believe this poor little girl is still being referred to as "Untitled Document"!

  7. You could always do a flavor of a jelly bean. Maybe Coconut?

  8. I think Licorice is a good name, or Anise which is a licorice flavored herb.

    I can really see the difference between the Canon and the Nikon even with my bad eyes. The Canon is good as a purse camera but ..... I really want a Nikon now :-(

    1. To be fair, this is not an apples to apples comparison. The Canon cost forty dollars and the Nikon cost... a whole lot more than that!

  9. I second Marble.
    Maybe, Maggie ( short for Magpie ), Blackberry, Mink, or even Lilo. :)

  10. James and I liked Marble a lot but Ryan and Seth said no. So far the only name that's met with four yes votes is Pixie (Pixie Stick?), so it looks like that's going to be the one that sticks. Or maybe we'll just keep calling her Untitled Document. :)

  11. Marble was my bunnies name. She died of a tumor in her uterus two years ago. She was black and white, just like your rat. Untitled Document reminded me of her. ;) RIP baby.

  12. I think Kodak would be a great name, just because it fits the story!

  13. Ooh! You should name her Gypsy! Like a gypsy vanner horse! Domino would also work, but it's also a bit generic and common.

  14. Years ago, my family could not agree on a name for our new cat, so we let her remain "Anonymous" or Nonny for short.

  15. Whatever you and your family decide to name her - she's absolutely cute as a BUTTON!

  16. Have you decided on a name for her yet?