Monday, July 14, 2014

St. Elmo's daughter

My friend Ron's dog Elmo was one of my favorite dogs ever.
Elmo was one of the "famous" horse show dogs of the 1990's.  Everyone on the circuit knew his name, his story and who he belonged to.  People would stop by the mobile shop just to visit Elmo.
Abbie loved him, too. 
In fact, most of her puppyhood was spent pestering following Elmo.  I didn't mind.  He was a great role model! 
Elmo died more than a decade ago...
but he left behind a living legacy.  Her name is Ellie Ray.
As soon as I saw this dog, I knew she was Elmo's daughter. 
The resemblance is uncanny.  I couldn't stop taking pictures of her... 
and with her! 
I love Ellie Ray...
and I think the feeling was mutual!
I'm so glad I had the chance to go back to Memphis and to meet Ellie Ray!


  1. Wired hair JRT? Reminds me of a barn dog I used to know :)

  2. Ron found Elmo on the side of the road. He'd been hit by a car and was injured. Ron took him to the vet and then adopted him when an owner couldn't be located.

    As for his breeding, that was always a mystery. He obviously had some terrier in him, but his personality was not very terrier like at all. Elmo was extremely chill. Also, he barked like a beagle, and Ron says that some of his grand pups looked beagle-ish.

    Whatever his breeding was, he was a really good dog!


  3. My favorite animals are, in order,
    Horses, horses, and dogs