Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kellye's Charro saddle

At last...

Oh, I suppose it's possible that I will find a few small things to change before I put it in a box and send it to Kellye, but for now I'm calling this one done! Here are the finished photos: The other side. Deseoso is a tough mold to fit. He has a very short back but is big nearly everywhere else. Kellye is also planning to show this set on an Alborozo and Moody Andalusian, so all the straps will adjust down for them.
I've already started the planning stage for my next order. Hopefully that one will go a whole lot quicker!


  1. It looks gorgeous! Can't wait to see it in person!

  2. That looks amazing! :)

  3. Saddle and accessories look gorgeous!

    That model has a TON of mane!!

    Accuracy question... Would the breastplate saddle attachment go around the front of the rigging ring (closest to the horse's neck), rather than the back? I'm looking at the reference pic of the black horse poster. It's also hard to tell if they tie to the cinch or if both sides are buckled?... I like your both sides buckled, myself.

  4. You really do have good eyes, Bif. The right side cinch attachement is 100% realistic. The left side is simplified. It probably should be a tie on cinch, but honestly, it's a bit much to have to tie a cinch on in a live show situation. Not enough time between classes. Sometimes, ease of use has to trump complete accuracy.

    Nearly all my reference pictures showed the breastplate attached to the backside of the rigging ring so that's how I set it up. If Kellye wants to switch it to the front, I won't be offended! That would be a more typical "American" look, but it's just not what I observed at the Mexican Rodeo.

    Thanks to everyone for your comments. This set was a real challenge for me. I'm pleased with how it turned out but I'll be happy to start on a nice, boring ENGLISH saddle tomorrow. :)

  5. I was an English Lit major in college, and do pharmacy now, so I am so used to looking at details...
    I don't ever intend to offend, just like to point out if it's something you would want to know is not quite "on".
    I guess I would be a nightmare judge, hunh?

  6. Another amazing piece! I just can't get over how realistic your work is. I look forward to seeing your "boring" English saddle - (that is my favorite one!)
    Your blog is fantastic - thank you for keeping up with it; I know that in itself can be a second job! Keep up the awesome work - I am awestruck every time I see a new piece you have done.

  7. Simply gorgeous! Looking forward to trying it on my showstring!

  8. Do you sell the complete set? If so how much. Im looking to order

    1. Sorry. I'm not taking orders right now. When I do have an opening, it will be advertised on my blog and my Facebook page.