Thursday, February 25, 2010


It's been almost six months since I got a new model horse. That's longer than I usually go between models, so I was absolutely delighted last week when an artist friend told me she was sending a painted resin to close out an old trade.

The only problem? It's not getting here soon enough.Every single day this week, I have waited for the mailman to bring me my new horsie. Every single day I have been disappointed.
It's driving me nuts!

Fortunately today's mailbox wasn't completely empty. I did get the newest issue of Just About Horses. I love the cover photo (kudos to Anne Field and Robin Briscoe for their work on that)...
and I really love the new Connoisseur horse.
Original Finish plastic models don't usually tempt me, but I find that I'm obsessing over this one. I feel as though I must add Spot On to my collection. I'll send my card in, but I'd rather pay for her with tack. So--if you are lucky enough to win one and you'd rather own a saddle, please let me know. That could easily be arranged!


  1. I know the feeling...

    I got my JAH mag today too. I'm in the process of thinking up an entry for the photo contest. I also am thinking about trying the leg marking technique... :)

  2. I got my JAH yesterday and have been thinking about selling the cover doll! It is so hard to keep them secret until the issues come out :)
    Maybe I will try for the connoisseur model and see if I get lucky.