Tuesday, June 4, 2019

It's good to be bad

When I was twenty two, I moved to Memphis, Tennessee and spent the next five years working for a mobile tack shop.
My store was a forty foot trailer filled with everything you would ever need to show a horse on the A-show hunter/jumper circuit.
We also had a TV and VCR behind the counter, which played various Showjumping Thrills and Spills videos in a nearly continuous loop.
These tapes were ubiquitous in the 1990's. Everyone had seen them, but that didn't stop most people from hanging around to watch them again and again. It wasn't unusual to have a whole crowd of people gathered around the front of the trailer, watching and laughing.
Let's face it. Bad performance is funny.
Over the years, I've seen several hobbyists set up Bad Performance entries in the model horse performance ring. These are always fun to look at, but they rarely place well. 
Let's face it. Bad Performance isn't good.
The one exception to this rule, is the Jennifer Show's second Jackpot Performance class: Bad Performance.
This is the place for all your refusing hunters,
and event horses.
Please bring us your boinging dressage horses...
and bolting trail horses of both the arena...
and natural varieties.
We want to see Egg and Spoon competitors losing their eggs...
and field hunters losing their cool.
This is the class where bad behavior will be rewarded.
I know there are a lot of model horses who really want to be bad. This is their chance. Please do us all a favor and let them strut their stuff in  the Bad Performance class!


  1. I am going to make sure I check out this class. 😁💜

  2. I just want to enter this class with a couple models hahahhaha!

  3. Must have pictures taken of every single entry!