Sunday, June 2, 2019

Weekend of riding, part one

Fabian is kinda sorta casually horse shopping, and every so often he sends me a link to an ad for a horse for sale. I check out it, and usually tell him one of two things: No babies, Fabian! or No stallions, Fabian!

So guess what we did yesterday.
Just kidding! We tried the stallion...
but we did not buy him.
Here's the story: Tornado is a nine year old stallion who has been used extensively in Mexican rodeos. He's ready for another job, and one of Fabian's friends is brokering the sale. She knows Fabian would give him a first class home, so she asked him to come meet him out just in case. I tagged along partly because horse shopping is fun, but mostly to say, "No stallions, Fabian!"
Tornado's owner rode him first.
Then Fabian climbed aboard.
They looked good together, and Fabian rode him well.
There really wasn't a need for me to ride him, but the offer was extended and I couldn't say yes fast enough.
I didn't know what to expect because I've never ridden a horse with this background or sat in a Charro saddle. It took us a few minutes to get in sync...
but after that, it was fine.
Actually it was better than fine.
It was so much fun!
"Good boy, Tornado."
We both really liked Tornado, but Fabian decided - and I agree - that he's not the right horse for him. 
And even though I am still strongly in the "No stallions, Fabian!" camp, I am a little bit sad that this didn't work out. Tornado is a super nice horse. I'm glad I got to meet him!

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