Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Road to BreyerFest Scholarship

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like the amount of crazy in the model horse hobby has gone up exponentially in the last two months. There are days when the hobby feels really toxic, and I myself questioning my commitment to a group of people who seem so determined to be unhappy. Of course, those feelings never last long. Sooner or later I am reminded that model horse people really are the best people. 

Here's this week's reminder.

A year, Jen Jones and her family attended BreyerFest in Lexington, Kentucky. Jen's son participated in the Costume Contest and won a glossy Brass Hat model.
Unfortunately, before the weekend was over, the family's car was broken into and all their BreyerFest swag - including that glossy Brass Hat - was stolen. The family wrote about their plight on Rachel Alford's Road to BreyerFest Facebook page, and a group of hobbyists led by my friends, Jodi and Mackenzie Purdy rushed to the rescue. Nearly all the Jones' horses were replaced at no cost to them. It was amazing.
Now Jen Jones is returning the favor. In a letter published on Road to BreyerFest, she writes:

Dear Breyer Lovers,

Last year, my family attended BreyerFest, and my youngest son won the kid’s costume contest. Sadly, later that night, our rental SUV was smashed in the hotel parking lot and the Glossy Brass hat, along with all the special run models, the free models, my older son’s birthday Louisville slugger bat and other Breyers (for all four kids!) were all stolen. Amazingly, the wonderful Breyer community came together and within twenty four hours (!!!) almost every model was replaced, including Jojo’s costume contest prize - the Glossy Brass Hat! Our family was so blessed and humbled by all the generosity. It turned a terrible event into one with very warm memories and good lessons for our children in generosity and helping others! In honor of all those who helped replace my kid’s stolen models, and especially Mackenzie and Jodi Purdy who gave Jojo the new Brass Hat, we would love to offer a BreyerFest “scholarship” to a family who may not be able to afford to go otherwise. We would like to give towards to the hotel and travel. We only ask that you are 100% willing and able to attend this year and will use the money towards tickets and travel. Rachel will be picking the recipient since she does such a wonderful job maintaining this page. Thanks again to all those wonderful families who blessed us and helped make our kids very happy last year after a very sad incident!

Jen Jones

Isn't that just the best?!

If you would like to apply for the Road to BreyerFest Scholarship, you must be a member of the RTB Facebook page. Find the post announcing the scholarship and comment “I want to go to Breyerfest!” It's as easy as that!

Entries will be open until Friday at 11:59PM EST, and the winner will be drawn by a random number generator on Saturday during a Live Video. The winner must message Rachel within twenty four hours to claim their prize. 
This is an amazing and generous offer from. Thank you, Jen, for paying it forward, and thank you, Rachel, for facilitating Jen's efforts. You are the people who make this hobby so wonderful!

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