Monday, February 25, 2019

Renae's NaMoPaiMo party

Yesterday, Renae Keller invited the Colorado hobby community to a combined NaMoPaiMo and housewarming party.
A whole bunch of us gathered in Nae's beautiful, sunny kitchen to eat, talk and paint.
Melissa Addison, Regan O'Keefe, Collyn Richmond, Beth McCarley, Teresa Fedak, Yashka Hallein, Renae Keller, Karen Gehrhardt, Angelo Zunic and Fabian Rodriguez. Not pictured: Heather Malone and Jennifer Buxton
I brought Bubbles, but I didn't work on her. She's so close to being done, but the last details are the hardest. I'm going to really need to concentrate, so it's best to finish her while I'm alone.
Fabian's horse is at the other end of the painting process. This one started out dapple-grey, but that wasn't working. Fabian stripped it and started over. 
Now it's on it's way to being a nice liver chestnut.
Angelo brought three models. This one is her NaMoPaiMo project...
and the next two are some of her resculpts.
I love what she's doing with this one! 
Check out Angelo's paint palette! What a great idea!
and Karen both worked on non-NaMo projects... 
and Renae worked on everything!
This is her official NaMoPaiMo pony... 
and here she's giving Karen an overview of pastel application.
Finally this photo shows her wearing her brand-new magnifying visor. Yay! 
This was such a fun day.
Thank you for letting us invade your home, Renae.
Let's please do it again next February!


  1. The paint palette idea is brilliant! I'm keeping one just for that use...

  2. Thanks for sharing. Good to see Karen, and learn new faces.