Sunday, January 20, 2019

Prepping party of one

I'll be spending the last week of January in California, so there's no time to waste if I want to start NaMoPaiMo with a model that is prepped, primed and ready to paint. This weekend was a two day prepping marathon.
The good news is that my Tot resin - now named Bubbles - is fully fluffenated. 
I have a few little goobers to fix, but she should be good to go on February 1.
My two "bonus" models are also in fine shape. 
I bought this little OF resin for five dollars from an eBay seller. She had a broken ear, a broken tail and pie plate feet. All of those things have been fixed, and I think she'll make a fun warm-up project. 
This big guy is an Ima Sharpe Cutter resin by Lisa Sharpe. 
I've had him a looooooong time, and I'm looking forward to finally getting him off the the unpainted shelf.
I also did some work on these three. The Eberl Forte was customized by Amanda Brock and will be riding along with me to California. The Maggie Bennett Bill and Jennifer Scott Elizabeth resins aren't nearly as far along. In fact, it's fair to say they're in the customizing rather than prep stages.
Bill came to me with a broken leg, no ears and a big hole in his neck. I fixed the leg and the hole a long time ago, but just got around to the ears this weekend. I'm glad. He looks one hundred percent better with ears. No promises, but this could be the NaMoPaiMo horse for 2020. 
It's been a long weekend, but I am pleased with the results. I am also eager to trade the sandpaper and primer for paints and pastels. Bring on February!

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