Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Where to begin?

Usually when I go a week between posts, it's because I'm busy and I don't have much to say. This is not the case right now. I am busy, but mostly I have so much to say that I just don't know where to begin.
Should I start with my recent trip to Austin, Texas?
Do you want to hear about the awesomeness of Shannon Southard's Texas sized A Midwinter Night's Ball show...
with its amazing prizes...
Do I post performance pictures first?
Or should I skip right to the people?
Perhaps I should go another way entirely and talk about NaMoPaiMo, specifically the prize pool, which has grown in leaps and bounds.
And I can't forget to share these wonderful Van Gogh medallions by Tiffany Purdy and Mindy Berg. 
Speaking of Purdys, there are two new Purdys in the house! Only one gets to stay, but still... Two new Purdys!
Posting should resume shortly. I have lots of things to say, and sooner or later, I'll figure out how I wan to say them!


  1. Somehow I picture Jose ending up doing something with those rubber chickens.

  2. Is that dapple gray a covergirl resin?? Looks so real and looks like she has actual skin (for lack of a better term)

    1. That's a Covergirl painted by Nikki Button. She is gorgeous.