Friday, May 5, 2017

I brake for eagles

When traveling by car, I like to stop and take photos of horses that I see along the way. 
Unfortunately, sometimes this isn't possible. Teresa and I were eager to get to Grand Junction, so there was no braking for horses on the way to the Willow Tree Live.
Coming home was a different story. We left early and had the entire day to make a four hour drive. 
Not surprisingly, there was a lot of stopping...
and some of those stops involved horses. 
This stable was exceptionally brake-worthy. I absolutely love the red buildings, white fences and amazing views.
As pretty as this is, however, it wasn't my favorite stop of the day.
That happened earlier. Teresa and I were driving along at 75 mph, when suddenly, she hit the breaks and pulled over onto the shoulder of the road. 

"There's a bald eagle in that tree," she said. "Do you want to get a picture of it?"
 Of course I did...
but how in the world did she see that? Talk about eagle eyes!
Thanks for driving me to and from Grand Junction, Teresa. I had a great time riding, and stopping, with you!

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